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Click on Camael Picture to listen to entire audio  the right.  Camael is here to radiate courage in your life and help you feel safe and secure, which of course, is priceless. In life, sometimes it feels like we just won't be able to make it. In these times of hardship is when Archangel Camael can step in and empower us to move forward. Camael is a Divine Archangel who can bring infinite blessings and has unlimited abilities. One of Camael's specialties is her/his ability to help us clear the fear that keeps us from moving forward. Camael relinquishes pains and trauma, whether they are from the past, present, or future. Camael's ability to instill great courage in the face of trying times is an invaluable tool. She/He also infuses us with the Divine knowing of when to speak and when to sit back quietly letting the energy work itself out with no effort on our part for Divine interactions and outcomes. 

St. Germain makes a special guest appearance to shimmer our lives with the Violet Flame for intense Divine healings and clearings. He works this Violet Flame on our behalf to clear harsh negative emotions so that we can have a peaceful state of mind and experience more bliss. St. Germain helps us to let go of feelings of unforgiveness, which blocks feelings of personal freedom. These sentiments are best understood when you experience them firsthand. 

Camael teaches a full body chakra process to get your energies shimmering and feeling refreshed.

Archangels abide by the law of free will. They will not break or interfere with free will. Humans have free will for many reasons, among these being the importance of receiving Divine Lessons. So, if we need the help of magical wisdom knowledge, we ask the Archangels to help us, and they will come. Archangels can make good times great, and they can make hard times more bearable. They can bring Divine ideas and inspiration. They can even bring Divine Faith, Divine Courage, Divine Understanding, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Passion.

Spend some interactive time in this book, to reawaken your connection to a Celestial being that can make your life more Heavenly. Adapting these mindsets will help shift your consciousness and make you a magnet for confidence, peace, and prosperity in new refreshed ways. There is no right or wrong way to use this tool. All these Divinely Intelligent Angelic Upgrades happen with grace and ease at the individual's comfortable pace. The only thing I recommend you keep in the forefront of your practice is to ensure you are enjoying the process. Meet the Archangels in the Archangelology Book and Audio Series that are here to help you at this time. If you call on Camael, she/he will come, just as all of the Archangels will come to your assistance when beckoned. Spending time with Archangels creates a heavenly life.


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