The goddess code Lakshmi

Let the Goddess of Abundance and Mother Earth Ease Money Fears

It is common for humans to have fears about money. Money and survival are the same thing in this material world in which we live. To ask humans to help us or fix things usually doesn't get us very far. I present the idea to you that unseen forces may be conjured for the highest good of all involved to help us. Is Wisdom power? I say yes. I stand on the shoulders of giants to bring you this work. Lakshmi is the Divine Hindu Goddess of Abundance. Goddess calling is not a religious thing; it is an intelligent practice to call on a being that specializes in abundance and fortune. Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth, joins this channeling to enhance and bring new energy to Lakshmi's gifts. The practice of Ho'oponopono is added to this calling for exponential results. Many Blessings  Purchase Yours Here.


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